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Eric Hays 1/1

Kolton Pitts 1/3

Doug Sanders 1/4

Dylan Maloney 1/4

Andrew Martin 1/8

Blanch Kohlfeld 1/16

Josh Guettermann 1/25

Ben Matthews 2/4

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There are no open Job Opportunities at this time.


Attention: All hourly employee must use this app to clock in/out. All Personal Time and Vacation requests must be submitted through this app.


Download the free app Orbital Shift (Staff Scheduling) at one of the following:

Time Clock & Scheduling App Resources:

Overview of the Orbital Shift App

Home Page

Schedule Page (Reviewing Time Worked)

Requesting Time Off

Correcting a missed clock in/out


For more information please contact Robyn at robyn@kohlfelddist.com or 573 243-3931 ext. 3 

We are excited to announce the launch of our new time clock and scheduling system.

With this app you can:

  • Clock in & out conveniently

  • Request Personal & Vacation Time

  • Receive Important Messages

  • View your hours worked

Employees are encouraged to enroll in Direct Deposit and the Payroll Portal.


To enroll in Direct Deposit, please complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form.


The Payroll Portal allows you to:

  • View/print your current & past check stubs

  • View your used/available vacation time

  • View your W-2

  • View your Tax Status and Withholdings


To enroll in the Payroll Portal:

  • Ensure your personal email is on file with Human Resources  

  • Watch for an invitation email

  • Complete the instructions to complete enrollment


If you have problems accessing the Payroll Portal or completing enrollment, please use the Troubleshooting instructions for iPhone & Android.

Health & Safety: